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Cluny Convent High School, Jalahalli organized the investiture ceremony on 12th June 2019. The newly elected Student Council

Members of the High School headed by School Captain Vismitha H pledged to work earnestly and uphold the honour and glory of the institution while receiving the prestigious badge and sash from the School Principal Sr. Manju, Sport Mistress and House Mistresses.

Our Foundress

Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey, our foundress was born in a remote village in Burgundy, France, on 10th November 1779. She grew up to be a lively youngster, by refusing a proposal, she cleared her intentions to consecrating herself to God. During the revolution against the church in France, her courage, intelligence and initiatives saved lives of many outlawed priests. She was the first white to set foot on African soil, travelling through dense forest to free thousands of slaves. In South America she helped the lepers to move their colony near the sea where the salt water burnt their wound to a river side where she installed a dispensary for dressing their wounds regularly. In France her attention drew to the lunatics who were neglected, she introduced the occupational therapy something unknown during that time. Soon it became one of the most up-to-date psychiatric units in France.

Blessed Anne Marie’s Vision on Education

“I have promised God to give myself wholly to the service of the sick and the instruction of little children”, she wrote in one of her letters to her father. Her programme of education gives us a keen insight into how she envisions a human being. She believed that all people are equal and have a right to human and spiritual formation and that education consists in helping a person “to be more” rather than in helping him/her “to have more”. And she says, “It is not sufficient to have taught them how to work and satisfy this purely material needs, they must also know how live with others and themselves and to realize what they owe to God and their brethren”. This prefigures what “vatll” would say about education. “A true education aims at the formation of the human person in the pursuit of his ultimate end of the good of societies”

The Cluny History

July 15th 2003 is 152nd death anniversary of our foundress Bl.Anne Marie Javouhey.(1779-1851)

Anne Marie Javouhey familiarly known as Nanette was born in Burgundy, France on 10th Nov.1779.

She grew up at a time when the country was in the grip of the French Revolution. Churches and schools were closed, priests, religious and believers were persecuted. It was under these circumstances that Anne Marie as a young girl tried to meet the spiritual needs of the people around her, by teaching catechism, preparing them for the Sacraments etc.

Anne Marie Javouhvey guided by the impulses of the Holy Spirit founded the Society of St. Joseph of Cluny on 12th May 1807, where she along with her three sisters and five others, made their profession in Chalon – sur – saone, and later established themselves in a house in Cluny (France). The Congregation from then on began to be called the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny.

Anne Marie Javouhey cared for the orphans, educated children, worked for the human development of all. She worked for the formation of the African Clergy and was the outstanding liberator of slaves.

In her own life time, her missionary activities were extended to the five continents. she was so recognised for her devotedness, ingenuity and audacity that she was acclaimed as the “Liberator of salves, The Valiant Woman, The Apostle of Negroes, and The Mother of Black – Races”

She died on 15th July 1851 was beatified on 15th October 1950.

The first house in India was opened in Pondicherry in 1827.

Today there are about 3000 sisters engaged in evangelisation through : Education – Health – Social and Pastoral ministries.

Cluny in South West India (Bangalore)

Her light is not put out in the dark. She lives in her 299 sisters of this province in four states : 11 houses in Karnataka, 15 houses in Tamil Nadu, 3 houses in Kerala, 4 houses in Goa through school, hospitals, centres for the mentally and physically disabled, opportunity schools for the slow learners, children’s homes, prison – ministry and non-formal education.

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Cluny in India

The sisters of St.Joseph of Cluny arrived in India in the year 1827 and went on to make their presence felt in various territories here. Some of the places where the sisters have established are New Delhi, Pondicherry, Tamilnadu, WestBengal, Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Sikkim and Madhya Pradesh.

The first house in India was opened in Pondicherry in1827.

Today there are about 3000 sisters engaged in evangelisation through : Education – Health – Social and Pastoral ministries.

Cluny in Jalahalli

The sisters started their educational institution in Bangalore at Malleshwaram in 1948. In 1956 there was a need to start a school at Jalahalli, as the sisters travelled from Malleshwaram to Jalahalli by whatever transport available, but most of the times they walked. The classes began in a small building that was made available by H.M.T, later the classes moved to a spacious building at B.E.L. in 1957. The reputation of the school grew and the Management was compelled to build their own school in 1973.The I.C.S.E syllabus was replaced by the S.S.L.C Syllabus.



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