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Cluny Convent High School, Jalahalli organized the investiture ceremony on 12th June 2019. The newly elected Student Council

Members of the High School headed by School Captain Vismitha H pledged to work earnestly and uphold the honour and glory of the institution while receiving the prestigious badge and sash from the School Principal Sr. Manju, Sport Mistress and House Mistresses.

School Calendar


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Date Day Events
16/05/2022 Mon Staff Meeting
16/05/2022 Mon School Re- opens ( Half Day )
28/05/2022 Sat Seminar
01/06/2022 Wed L.K.G – Classes Begin
04/06/2022 Sat Investiture Ceremony
06/06/2022 Mon Pre – KG Classes Begin
11/06/2022 Sat Retreat
27/06/2022 Mon First Formative Assessment
09/7/2022 Sat Parent – Teacher Meeting
14/07/2022 Thu A.M.J Celebration
22/07/2022 Fri Sports Day
08/08/2022 Mon Second Formative Assessment
15/08/2022 Mon Independence Day Celebration
05/09/2022 Mon Teacher’s day Celebration
22/10/2022 Sat Parent – Teacher Meeting
27/10/2022 Thu Middle School Talent Week
03/11/2022 Thu High School Talent Week
14/11/2022 Mon Children’s Day Celebration
16/11/2022 Wed Primary Talent Week
23/11/2022 Wed Nursery Talent Week
24/11/2022 Thu Third Formative Assessment ( STD X )
28/11/2022 Mon Third Formative Assessment ( STD I to IX )
05/12/2022 Mon Preparatory for Std. X
02/01/2023Mon Mon School Re- opens
05/01/2023 Thu Fourth Formative Assessment ( STD X )
16/01/2023 Mon Second Preparatory for Std. X
25/01/2023 Wed Annual DayG
30/01/2023 Mon Fourth Formative Assessment ( STD I to IX )
11/02/2023 Sat Parent – Teacher Meeting
16/02/2023 Thu Work Experience – Exhibition
22/02/2023 Wed Guides Camp
15/03/2023 Mon Annual Examinations
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